Sonntag, 16. April 2017

Nipple Piercing Corazon & Top Fjio


guess what? A cool new round is up for you at Suicide Dollz Evemt.
This round we have 2 exclusive items. 
A sexy top with hud ( 10 colours, 3 ring metals) ONLY Maitreya size and a cute nipple piercing with hud ( 10 metal colours) and resizer.
We hope you like it ♥

Sonntag, 9. April 2017

Limpid Nipple Cover Penta [Exclusive Bodyfy Event]


guess what ? Happy anniversary to Bodyfy event. *ootoot*
As exclusive for this round we made a nipple cover in black leather.
Coming with HUD, you can change the pentagram and the studs in 10 different colours.
Resizer included.
And dont forget to stop by to get the gifts there....its a birthday round :D
We hope you like it ♥

Limpid Dress Sabbath [Exclusive Dark Side 2]


the doors at Dark Side 2 are open for a great shopping tour.
For this event we made a short sexy dress with pentagram belt.
Original mesh
ONLY Maitreya size
With HUD ( 10 dress colours, 3 metals for pentagram and 2 colours for the belt rope)
We hope you like it ♥

Montag, 3. April 2017

Top Tulsa [Exclusive Suicide Dollz Event]


we are in a new round at Suicide Dollz Event.
This time we have made an exclusive top.
Original mesh. ONLY Maitreya size.
With HUD (10 colours) 
Happy shopping